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Manga Boy Z Exoskeleton



Autors : Gabriel Féraud
Date of production : 2012
Scale : 32 mm
High : 50 mm
Scketch: Kendrick Lim
Material : Metal

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A Manga Boy's (or Girl's) greatest asset is his Yokohama exoskeleton. He is naked without it; even then, though, his strong Manga reserve should give him strength.

The sun gently rises over Tokyo Bay. I can see the cargo carriers stamped with the symbol of NATO delivering their merchandise. Even on such a beautiful morning the port's activity reveals the feeling of urgency that now drives humanity. Since the invasion, no two days are the same. But this hasn't shaken my serenity. The lessons of Master Koji are always fruitful. The dirty wind blows through my long brown hair, pricks at my skin. I always jog naked. The dockers and fishermen stare, dumbfounded. But I want to feel life around me, before putting on my Yokohama exoskeleton, armouring myself in ceramic and steel to execute my mission. A Manga Girl must not fail. And yet, I fear death. Help me, Master Koji...


Pictures credits Edition Le grimoire 


D'après une illustration de Kendrick Lim. Manga BoyZ ® est une marque déposée par Le Grimoire et un univers de Gabriel Feraud. Copyrights © 2012 Le Grimoire - Tous droits réservés.